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Vladimir Putin Is Actually(Allegedly) Worth More Money Than Elon Musk And Jeff Bezos

I could look at these types of charts and graphs all day. Doesn't even matter what it's about. You show me moving bar graphs across time and you have my attention. I feel like a literally infant looking up at a mobile in their crib when I have these open. The wealth ones are particularly fascinating. A bunch of names you know. Zuckerberg from Facebook, Bill Gates from Microsoft, Warren Buffet from manipulating markets, Musk from being crazy, Jeff Bezos from Amazon, MacKenzie Scott from divorcing Jeff Bezos, some bad ass Mexican guy with the coolest name ever Carlos Slim, and Amancio Ortega from his taco empire, of course. 

Here is the thing though...I don't think it's accurate. You know why? I never saw any criminals on this list. I never saw any world leaders on this list. Where are all the banditos? This list started in 1990 well do you know how much Pablo Escobar was estimated to be worth at his peak? 30 BILLION DOLLARS. He still has more cash buried in the jungles of Colombia than Venezuela has in their entire central bank. The other guy not listed...Vlady Putin. 

Speculation is that Russia's leader is secretly worth over 200 BILLION dollars. More than Bezos or Musk or anyone else in human history. The palaces, the jets, the 10,000 suits, the 140k watches, and the bank account revealed in the Panama papers saying one particular account had $2B in it. Putin publicly displays his taxes and income every year and says that he has a modest 800sf apartment and brings home about $130,000 between his government salary and his military pension. Humble guy. Modest living. Then you see his hunting lodge

To quote Eddie…he is pissing on people and telling them it's raining. Except for the strippers dancing in his vacation home on the Black Sea that is worth $1B(he has a ballroom with a stripper pole, that's not made up). When he pisses on them he probably lets them know it's piss. 

The Russian people are catching on and are fed up. The last straw appears to be trying to assassinate yet another political rival, Alexei Navalny and then when the assassination plot didn't work they threw him in jail. 

Eddie and I discussed the entire situation this week on Dogwalk. It's fucking insane that this guy has stolen so much from so many and has the gall to act as if he's a humble public servant.