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Arena Football League Team Doing The People's Elbow Touchdown Celebration Makes Me Hate Roger Goodell Even More




First of all, that was awesome. If you do basically any wrestling move from my childhood I will be washed over with nostalgia and not even realize I’m watching some shitty Arena Football League highlight. My brain is simple and stupid like that and I really don’t care. Second, and most importantly, fuck Roger Goodell. The fact that teams can’t do touchdown celebrations anymore like this sucks. I want coordinated team celebrations, I want throat slashes, I want popcorn or the Joe Horn hidden phone, I want goal post dunks and dancing. Watching shit like this just reminds me of how sanctimonious Roger Goodell really has become and I hate it. Also I really really can’t wait for football to be back so I guess I lose this argument because he could eliminate touchdowns all together from the game and I’ll still watch every second of the season.