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The Barstool Fund - Revolucion Cantina

Up next: Revolucion Cantina (Fullerton, CA)

Revolucion has been in the family for over ten years, and they have been making the best Mexican food in Fullerton. With a dedicated and talented group of employees that have been with them from that start, they strive to make the most authentic, freshest Mexican food in town.



Reader Email

Hello Barstool Sports, My name is Alberto Ochoa, I own and operate Revolucion Mex Grill and Cantina in Fullerton CA. I know this is a long shut from the overwhelming request and need for many operators just like me but I hope we can get much needed help. Up until last week I could not make payroll and pay my staff much needed money, I cannot make ends meet with just 5 tables on a makeshift patio after our dine-in was again shut down and enforced. I dont have the luxury of other restaurants that can build a big outdoor patio when that chance opens up again, Unfortunately the back of my restaurant is a small back alley that doesn't allow us to properly build a social distance patio and with some comforts for our patrons and beat the cold weather elements. I have been in business for 18 years, I built my place with my own hands and have been my bread and butter to raise my family and provide over 30 of my employees to do the same to put food on their, i'm about to notify my hard working staff Im about to shut down forever unless we get much needed help. We had no takeout or food to go sales whatsoever in an entire week, I deposited my last personal funds just to be able to buy groceries, make payroll and to give a paycheck to my staff. I would forever be grateful if we are considered with some of those funds to keep going in these much needed times for my staff to be able to provide for their families is the most important thing.