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There Is No God Damn Quit In The Boston Bruins - Down 2 Pasta Caps Off The Hatty To Tie, Bergeron With The OT Winner.. BANG

Down 2 in the 3rd? No problem. Comeback kids are back at it again!!!! David Pastrnak capped off his hat trick to tie the game with 14.9 seconds left in the 3rd to send the Bruins to OT and then picked up an assist for Patrice Bergeron's game winner. (B's on PP after a dumb interference penalty on the Flyers). 4 point nights for 88 and 37. For the 3rd straight game the Bruins have crawled out of a hole to gain at least a point. What a come back.

Just absolutely no god damn quit in this team. Again, I'd love for the Bruins to not have to get themselves out of a hole every game, but my god has this week been entertaining. So good having David Pastrnak back. 5 goals in the last 3 games. Is that good?

He scored 12 seconds into the game, with this beauty.

What a win. Back at it on Friday night.

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FINAL: Boston 4, Philadelphia 3 (OT)

It was a great night to win a hockey game.

(ps sorry for the short blog I have an unbelievably bad migraine but wanted to show the b's some love)