Noted Basketball Guy Eric Musselman Dressed Up Like A UPS Driver Before Last Night's Game To Show His Team 'It Was Time To Deliver'

Goddamnit man, I love Muss and I love shit like this. I can't stop laughing at the whole process of him and his assistant coaches game prepping for Mississippi State. 'Coach, we gotta worry about the way them being a top-10 offensive rebounding team in the country, right? Coach, over here. They really wall up defensively, we gotta find out a way to drive and kick, right?' That's where Muss leans back in his chair, takes a deep breath and immediately hushes the room. He tells all his assistant coaches he's got it. Then he shows them this image. 

Fucking nailed it. It worked too. Sure, Arkansas may have just scored 5 points in the first 12 minutes of the game, but they delivered. They won, that's all that matters. Muss didn't stop there either. He made sure to throw a little shade in his postgame press conference too: 

This is why college sports will always be the best. Feel like this is typically reserved for football coaches, but this is Muss we're talking about. The dude will literally pose any way possible to land a recruit. I'm still waiting on doing the Randolph Childress crossover to him when this pandemic ends. 

He's forced to sleep in his pool house because he's a lunatic

He dropped by a frat house for dinner

The man is a creative genius. UPS, always delivering. Would hate to be the GA that had to print out and pack all the packages delivered to players. Wish we had a camera on all the player's faces during that. Should have worn IPS outfits and dropped one of my favorite theme songs and sitcoms.