Barstool Chicago Small Business Feature - Franco's Ristorante With White Sox Dave, Chief, and Dante


A couple of weeks ago White Sox Dave, Chief, and I got the opportunity to visit Frankie and Mario Ruffalo, second-generation owners of the Franco's Ristorante located on 31st St in Bridgeport, just a couple blocks away from Guaranteed Rate Field. If you're Bridgeport, or a White Sox fan, there's a high probability you've been served by them or their dad.

We got the chance to sit down and listen to them tell us stories about how their dad immigrated here, from the same small area in Calabria, Italy my family is from, when he was young and went from selling hot dogs outside of Old Commiskey Field to having a handful of successful and well-respected restaurants throughout Chicago.

They also rolled out the biggest feast you could imagine. I think we ate every dish on their menu. 

Chief passed out in a booth from overeating.

Pro tip- you cannot go wrong with any one of their pasta's. Especially the spicy pesto sauce, which was something I'd never had before but knocked my socks off. They also have this giant Porkchop with giardiniera dish that is lights out. 

Ways you can help:

1- Pay Franco's a visit. They're located at 300 W 31st St, Chicago, IL 60616.

2- Order take out. As you'll see in the video, their portions are huge and the food is phenomenal.

3- Follow them on social media and spread the word for them. 

4- Check out their other locations throughout Chicago-  Il Culaccino, Jam 'n Honey, Franconello and Franco's at the Fountain

Small businesses are taking a beating right now. And it's not just the owners. It's the front and back of house staffs, the purveyors and vendors they do business with, and the family members of all they all employ. Help out as much as you can so we ensure our favorite places will still be around when this nightmare is over. 

Also help support The Barstool Fund which is literally doing more for small businesses than anybody, the government included, in the entire country.

Hopefully, you all enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. If so we'll have more rolling out in the next couple weeks. If you have any ideas for other small businesses we could cover please shoot them over -

s/o to Chief's buddy Harry on doing a great job on the video.