The Barstool Gaming League Finals Are Upon Us And Of Course The Mop Is At War With EVERYONE

Well, by everyone we of course mean the College Gaming National Champion MVP Ebatez. They've been going at it long and hard all tournament and, shit, it just may come down to the two for first place - AGAIN. 

1st and 3rd place right now with all scores being wabashed back to zero. Just a straight up 3 hour kill race between 8 teams for the glory. And ya gotta hand it to The Mop, having one of the best Warzone players in the world on your squad is a solid recipe for victory:

Not to mention other chaos around the league which included Team Foreplay adding the great Tommy to their squad...AND STILL NOT QUALIFYING!!! Whoopsie daisy's there, Big Daddy Trent:

There will be much more happenings this week when the first ever Barstool Gaming League comes to a close. Who ya got? 

Till then, let us dance in Verdansk.