The Pool At The Cosmo In Vegas Is On Fire, Literally

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Soooo that doesn’t look so good, hope everyone is alright. Wild scene. You go to Vegas and expect anything to happen and then an entire pool deck is engulfed in flames. Also could you imagine waking up to the fire alarm blaring in your hotel in Vegas after a night of partying? Zero chance you get out of bed. Convince yourself it’s just a drill and power through the noise.


For those who haven’t stayed at Cosmo, it’s one of those new age hip places that tries to make the entire place a club. Actually has decent rooms. Sportsbook is garbage but one of the most underrated blackjack sections in the front of the hotel where they hand shuffle with only 2 decks. Not that I’m smart enough to count cards but it’s a lot easier when you only have to worry about 2 decks.