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HOLY SHIT, IT'S HAPPENING: EA Sports Tweets Out That NCAA Football Is Coming Back

Oh fuck yes. I swear this better not be a cocktease. This better be real. I can't take a tease like this. NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball need to come back. I'm missing them more than anything in 2021. Shit look at what Big Cat did with Coach Duggs back during quarantine and tell me it wouldn't have been better if was a 2020 version. That's what we need. 

This is all going hand-in-hand with the legislation on name, image and likeness. 

I've preached it for years. Athletes should have every right to make money on name, image and likeness. I agree schools pay them enough with a scholarship and everything that goes there. But the NCAA can't cap them at that. That's where it's bullshit. These players are more marketable and make money for schools more than ever before. At the same time it's also about figuring out compensation for the video game. 

Just focusing on NCAA Football here they need to set something up where we can play with all the players we missed out on from the Denard Robinson cover to the new game. I'm talking guys like Kyler Murray, DeVonta Smith, Baker Mayfield, Tua, Lamar Jackson, Benny Snell (okay, that one is just for me) and Joe Burrow. Shit imagine being able to play that LSU offense for this year's Alabama offense. 

I never thought we'd actually see this day, at least not this quick with the movement for NIL. All I know is thank God it's happening. We need this back in our lives ASAP. 

PS: I know people are pointing out it says 'college football coming back' and not NCAA Football. It's still EA Sports. It's still college football. We'll see what happens in terms of teams, but it's worth noting. Right now I'm thinking only good things. Thanks Big Cat and Coach Duggs for saving this.