It's Truly Incredible That This Patrick Reed Tweet Hasn't Been Deleted

Of alllllllllllll the incredible and ridiculous things that happened with Patrick Reed over the last couple days, the most incredible thing is that this tweet has not been deleted 

It's still there! It still exists and therefore I can grab the link and embed it into this blog. Wild.

As everyone probably knows by now, that's the infamous tweet that finally exposed Justine Reed as the person behind @useGolfFACTS because, once she realized she forgot to switch over to the burner, she tweeted the exact same thing and that tweet also still exists 

What that tells us is that Justine Reed simply does not give a fuck that people know she's the person behind @usegolfFACTS. She could've easily deleted the tweet from the official Patrick Reed account and denied everything but she was just like, "nah". And then today, Patrick Reed's lawyers came out and said that his camp has no affiliation with whoever runs the @usegolfFACTS account. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, Patty. Sure. But that really just speaks to how much the Reed camp doesn't give a fuck what people think bout them. Justine Reed clearly runs that account but their official stance, despite overwhelming evidence, is, "Not us". Say what you want about Patrick Reed and Co. but they make the world of golf more entertaining. That's a @usegolfFACT. 

On today's episode we broke the entire Patrick Reed situation and a whole lot more. Oh and we also had Ryan Dempster on the show and he was GREAT. We will absolutely be having him back on at some point because we could listen to him tell stories all day long. Incredible guest.