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If You Learn Anything Today, It's That Prisoners Love Doing TikToks In Prison

Every once in a while I run into these videos, LIVE from PRISON. Of course, the bars are to keep your physical being in one place, but your mind? Your creativity? You can't imprison that. You're gonna tell these men they can't dance around? Sure, maybe you can tell them that cell phones are probably not allowed in prison, but I actually have no idea if that's true. How could that be true if I'm constantly seeing videos like this? Seems more like a suggestion than a rule. You go to jail, they confiscate your shit, but then they give you an iPhone with TikTok on it. 

Prison sounds awful. No doubt. But if you're able to work on your big comeback while you're in there? Get the people on your side before your big release? Aside from being a murderer or a rapist or something really heinous, I can get down with a convict-turned-social media star. Keep it up, guys. We'll see you on the other side.