This College Basketball Box Score Game Has Taken Over Our Podcast

On today's Barstool Bench Mob, we welcomed on Hall of Fame columnist Dick Weiss. The fellow Big J gave us great stories on the late John Chaney, including his recollection of the memorable press conference between Chaney and John Calipari. In addition to that interview, we broke down our biggest takeaways from this weekend's SEC-Big 12 Challenge, other games around the country, and much more.

But I'm here to write about a topic that does not relate to a specific game, and instead has to do with math. That's right, math. A little backstory for you: when we first created the podcast back in November, I threw in the following sentence in the show description:

"When two hardcore gamblers and college hoops lovers join forces with a Big J, nobody knows the exact direction this show will take."

That disclaimer was given for exact reasons like this. Marty Mush and Rico Bosco, my co-hosts, are fascinated that individual points add up to a certain number in a box score. For example, Rico reads off the following numbers: 9-16-15-20-4...

... and Marty tries to guess the total score. I am not really allowed to participate in these challenges, as the "nerd" and "stiff" (as Marty would say) on the pod. But that total would be 64 points, as scored by Northern Colorado on Friday night. 

Coincidentally, our friend Tommy Smokes got involved in this game on the NBA side over the weekend, too:

Is this game stupid? In a way, yes. But is it entertaining to watch Rico and Marty get their minds blown by the simple laws of mathematics? (Timm Woods voice) ABSOLUTELY!

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