Putin Has Been Making People Disappear For Decades, Now He Made His $105 MILLION DOLLAR Hunting Lodge Disappear Off The Internet

It can't be easy being the world's #1 villain. Putin has disinformation to spew, hatred to incite, and Western values to destroy. That is a FULL plate. And he has to do all of those things will arresting anyone in his own country that dares to speak out against him. Some times when you're worn out from being an evil dictator for last 20 years you're going to want a place to unwind and hunt endangered game(probably). What better place to get back to nature than your hunting cabin that is valued north of ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS

The absolute LAST thing you want for your little secluded cabin in the woods is a bunch people(protestors) showing up at your door when you're just trying to relax. So what did Putin do to avoid that situation...oh ya know...just have the Russian equivalent of Google erase it's existence from the internet

A luxury mansion linked to Vladimir Putin in Siberia has been removed from a Russian online map site following an outcry over the president's £1billion Black Sea palace.  

An £87 million hunting and fishing retreat beside the Yenisei River was previously visible on online Yandex Maps.

But it has recently vanished from maps on this Russian search engine in an alleged bid to 'hide' its existence, say reports today.

Yandex...you might remember that site name because there were unable to monitor or remove (alleged) human trafficking from the internet when the whole wayfair thing was being reported over the summer. With one phone call Putin's hunting palace went poof into internet thin air. Gone. And why did he need this level of security and privacy? Oh you know because the guy who is the face of his opposition(a guy who Putin has tried to poison and has previously arrested) spilled the guts on Putin's other mansion on the Black Sea is which is valued at over a BILLION DOLLARS

When you're trying to vibe on the Black Sea and get some R&R the last thing you want is a bunch of people showing up and asking for their rights. Definitely don't want that happening at both of your vacation homes worth a combined $1.3 Billion.

Putin has had a Russian oligarch come out and say that the billion dollar palace is his and not Putin's. You're probably wondering how a former KGB spy and career government worker could have so much money. Especially when his salary is about $133,000 per year. Doesn't add up except for the fact that Putin might actually be the richest person in the entire world. 

A cool $200 billion for his net worth, totally legal I am sure. Good time to be Czar or President or King or whatever he is now.