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The Big 10 Is Proving They Are Filled With Nothing But Frauds

Something I've been thinking about since I tweeted this out while watching Wisconsin blow a game to Penn State. The Big 10 is filled with frauds and then Michigan and Illinois. Those are the only two teams I actually believe in. Well, I guess Nebraska isn't a fraud either because they just completely suck. But Iowa, Wisconsin, etc? They are frauds. We have to adjust how we talk about these teams. They can't win a title. They aren't top tier teams in the country. That's pretty much the entire Big 10 outside of Michigan, Illinois and MAYBE Ohio State.

That's the worst part about this though. Michigan is on at least a 2 week pause. We only get to see Illinois, Iowa and Michigan play each other once. Ohio State only has Michigan once. Take a look at their seasons too what exactly have they done? Iowa doesn't have a notable win, especially in the nonconference nor can they defend. Wisconsin needs Loyola Chicago to keep being good, that's their best win. 

It's basically time to talk about the Big 10 correctly. The Big 12 is better up top, the Big 10 is deeper. But the Big 12 has Baylor, Texas and Texas Tech. I'd take those 3 over any 3 you can put together from the Big 10 and it really isn't that close. The Big 10 has a bunch of fine teams. They don't have title contenders or great teams. The ball washing from the Big 10 so far has been a little over the top. Again, who do you trust in the Big 10? Michigan for sure. I love what Illinois can do, even if they do have some weird showing at times. Ohio State is starting to get there for me. That's it. Iowa's defense is dogshit. We know who Wisconsin is. You can talk about having experience and all these guys back, great. But at the same time there's a limit on the ceiling, we knew just exactly who these guys were. 

Again, the conference is fine. It's deep. They'll get 8-9 teams in the NCAA Tournament. But this isn't the best conference ever like some were talking about earlier this year. The whole 'the Big 10 is brutal' is more just they are all the same because only two teams have started to separate themselves as great teams.