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The Intern Who Compared Cuntboy Vlad To Greg The Egg Should Be Forced To Play Boar On The Floor


I don't know if I've ever seen a more offensive tweet in my entire life. Comparing the worst human being on planet Earth, the cuntboy CEO of Robinhood, to one of the greatest characters on TV Greg The Egg? We can't allow this sort of heinous slander on the timeline! That'd be like comparing Bin Laden to the Rock, it's just not acceptable.

I think what the intern (to be honest, we don't let interns run the social media accounts for Barstool, nor do any companies worth anything) was doing obviously was saying they both have long hair and slender noses. I'll give him that. But he said IS LIKE A REAL LIFE GREG THE EGG. That's slander. You can go to jail for that, where ironically enough, hopefully you'll find CB sooner than later for all the billions he stole yesterday.

So what should be the punishment? Boar on the Floor, obviously. I want CB Vlad, the intern that did this tweet, and Ben oinking on the floor like piggies.




I really need to re-watch this show. So good. Breaking Bad levels of potential after the first 2 seasons. Cannot wait to see where they take it.

So in conclusion, fuck Robinhood forever. And as promised, I will never forget to end a blog saying fuck this guy too. Old fuck.