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Watch The Cuntbag CEO Of Robinhood Lie Like A Complete Scumbag About What Happened Today

Editor's Note: I don't throw around the word "cunt" too often, but when one person costs you and everyone you know a ton of money, it is more than acceptable. In fact, it is required. From now on he is known as Cuntboy.





If you don't want to watch the whole thing, I don't blame you. Here are the cliffnotes: The cuntbag CEO of Robinhood reads company lines (did you know his app is available in the app store?!) and answers none of Andrew Sorkin's very straight forward questions. Cuntbag dodges them like a wrench, and instead spews lies and bullshit and talks in circles and generally says nothing of value. He's an absolute piece of crooked shit, and I hope the SEC/AOC/DDP make an example out of him and his company. 

If I'm a trading platform, I buy a Super Bowl commercial first thing in the morning burying Robinhood. Go to war. The game has changed. Robinhood deserves nothing, especially after their joke of a CEO went on TV and looked like a complete clown. 

And no, DDP is not some abbreviation for a government agency. I want Diamond Dallas Page to kick his ass. 


PS: As promised, I will end every blog hoping this old fuck breaks every bone in his old fuck body.