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ESPN Makes Deflategate Joke In Ad

Grow up ESPN. It’s been 6 months since Deflategate, why are we still talking about it? Oh yeah, because Roger Goodell has decided to stretch this out over the whole summer and make it the biggest deal in sports. Definitely not a coincidence that it has given people like say… ESPN a reason to talk about football every day. Why don’t we start talking about Spygate while we are at it? We all know any news about Tom Brady or the Patriots becomes headline news. First we have the NFL Instagram account attacking us, now ESPN wants to play hard ball? Ok, ok, I see how it is. I would say that this video is ridiculous and should be taken down immediately. However, I love it. Congrats Roger, you have woken up a sleeping giant. Edelman said it best, “He’s fired up. You don’t want a mad Tom Brady, and he’s a little ticked off,” (Drops mic).