CNBC Host Nearly Cries When Chamath Tells Him How Much Bullshit Wall Street Really Is


Look at that absolute LOSER going to bat for the poor hedge funds. Won't someone think of the hedge funds!!!! It's amazing to me these old heads will simp so hard for billionaire hedge fund managers and not root for the Rs and As from r/WallStreetBets. Let the little guy, the common man, have this victory. And that's what I love about Chamath, he will cut right to the point and won't skip around it. For a billionaire he certainly has a good grasp on reality, no doubt about it. And the host HATED that. HATED that Chamath called Wall Street out for manipulating the market. I thought he was going to cry when Chamath gave him a swirly. 

Obviously if you've been reading Twitter or Barstool today you've seen Chamath's name a lot. He's a Silicon Valley star. Not only a fantastic investor, he tells it as it is and just "gets it". 

And he's running for governor of California too, so that's cool.


So not only did he donate a shit ton of money at the expense of the Hedge Funders to the Barstool Fund,



but then he gave that CNBC guy a swirly. 

Also why hasn't YP blogged the last 2 days? Weird.

All in all, a very fun day. Go $AMC go.

And PENN. Love PENN.


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