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In August 2012, Confections of a Rockstar hit the scene and has been music to the palate ever since. They offer extraordinary baked goods and cakes for any occasion, and use only the finest and freshest ingredients.



Reader Email

This bakery was supposed to be a retirement present to myself after becoming a rockstar. I received my first drum and the age of 4 and started learning to bake at 9 from my father. He had 2 bakeries and later went on to be a consultant. I play drums and have played in many bands, thats where the name Confections of a Rockstar came from. During the summer Asbury Park closed down our street to assist the restaurants with outdoor dining which was crucial for the town to stay alive but we lost a lot of our business as we were no longer a bakery people could get to easily. We pivoted, started shipping which did ok for a period of time but not what we planned. We are pivoting to stay alive because we have employees that rely on us as well as this is blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes people don't realize how much easier it is to potentially close your doors than to get up everyday and try to reinvent your business to stay relevant, to keep your employees positive. We did a large volume of catering, wedding cakes, desserts etc. That has been significantly impacted. We did receive some loans and grants but are still having a lot of struggles financially. We closed for January to focus on shipping since January is a tough month for us anyway. I appreciate you taking the time to read this.