Pat Perez Wants A Rematch Against The Fore Man Scramble

So last night our Fore Man Scramble against Pat Perez aired and, for anyone that didn't watch, we won on the last hole in dramatic fashion. It was the best match we've had thus far in every possible way. Production was great, Pat was obviously great just being Pat and it was an unreal match to the very end. 

I highly recommend checking it out

It's electric. 

We had Pat on the latest Fore Play to talk about the match and guess what? Pat already wants a rematch. He wants another chance at the Fore Man Scramble and who can blame him?

I don't wanna speak for the group but I think they'd all agree that it has to happen. The first match was simply too good to not run it back. So that'll be happening at some point. Pat also gives his thoughts on the Tiger documentary, whether or not the Fore Man Scramble would be able to compete on the PGA Tour and a whole lot more. Pat Perez is simply the best and I deny anyone who isn't a fan of him after watching everything he's done with us.

Before Pat joined the show, we talked about a few things but the one that stood out the most is the dumbest conversation about the moon ever recorded. I'm serious, the thing we all said in regards to the moon and the universe in general are beyond stupid. So enjoy that!