The Pelicans Signed Kendrick Perkins To "Mentor" Anthony Davis So That Kind Of Sucks



(Source) Veteran center Kendrick Perkins is joining the New Orleans Pelicans, according to league sources. Sources told that Perkins and the Pelicans were finalizing a deal Tuesday night to bring him to New Orleans on a one-year contract for the veterans minimum.

The Pelicans see a role for Perkins serving as a mentor to Anthony Davis, a source told’s Royce Young. Perkins, 30, will be playing for his fourth team after being a member of the Boston CelticsOklahoma City Thunder, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

He joined the Cavaliers last February but played sparingly for them. Cleveland signed him as a free agent after Oklahoma City dealt Perkins to Utah as part of the Enes Kanter trade, with the Jazz waiving Perkins shortly thereafter.




Hey good idea New Orleans. You have this unbelievable talent, a guy who should win multiple MVP’s when it’s all said and done. So why wouldn’t you bring in an old fake tough guy to help him suck at basketball? Seriously I know that this probably really means nothing in the long run but I love Anthony Davis. I daydream of him coming home to Chicago all the time. And I HATE Kendrick Perkins. Absolute dinosaur when it comes to today’s basketball. Slow, no offense, can’t protect the rim at an elite level, and does his tony toughnuts schtick whenever it’s readily apparent that he sucks balls. Don’t do this New Orleans, don’t be so fucking dumb. Anthony Davis doesn’t need to learn how to scowl or be shitty at playing basketball, just leave him alone and let him be free. Kendrick Perkins is the exact opposite guy you want around Anthony Davis. A scowling, grumpy oaf, good call.



Also I’m sure some people will be like oh well Kendrick Perkins was best friends with Rondo and a great teammate, well Rondo turned out to be just about the craziest person in the world so not sure the fact that he picked Perkins is a best friend is exactly an awesome thing. That Celtics team worked because they had 3 Hall of Famers, not because they had some slow footed Center that pushed people.