Kevin Durant Played Celebrity Softball And Looked Like The Least Athletic World-Class Athlete Ever






I don’t want to go all Gawker on everybody here, but… is Kevin Durant gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but that was the most flamboyant centerfield I’ve ever seen played. Pranced out there, missed the can of corn, did the hand up turn like he was at the end of the runway, all of it was perfectly gay. Again, nothing wrong with it. But the last time I saw moves like that in the outfield it was our rightfielder whose dad made him play until he got to high school and quit to be King Thesbian. Nice kid, terrible outfielder.



And I don’t know who was at the plate but don’t think you’re off the hook dude. Hit the cage before you take the celebrity softball field so you don’t look like a damn moron. I’ve heard a million times that Black America thinks baseball is dumb and boring but I’ve never seen it more clearly on display than it was in that clip. Not sure any of those guys have picked up a bat or put on a glove in their lives.