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The Barstool Fund - Il Passatore

Fund update.. just hit 29 million. Massive thank you to everyone who has donated. Please keep sharing, keep donating, the more money we raise the more businesses we can help.
Up next: Il Passatore (Brooklyn, NY)

Il Passatore was opened by Christian and Max, childhood friends, in 2008. Their goal is to take customers on a culinary journey to their region of Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy. They are committed to provide you with the freshest products and excellent service.



Reader Email

We are a small family owned Northern Italian Trattoria in Williamsburg Brooklyn and have been a neighborhood staple for over 13 years. We pride ourselves on making fresh authentic Italian food but priced well so we can accommodate our neighborhood community. Unfortunately in October 2019 Christian, my husband and business partner was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at 45 years old. He has worked ever day for the over 13 years to build this business and suddenly we thought it wouldn't possible, but he continued working through his difficult chemotherapy to keep the business afloat. To me the business also keeps him going mentally. Once March hit we made the difficult decision to temporarily close because we couldn't handle the take out only platform while he continued his chemotherapy. Christian had 2 major surgeries in May and in July. During this period, reopened end of June once outdoor dining was allowed by the state and Christian was gaining strength. It's been a harsh uphill climb due to the three month closure. We had to try to spread the word that we were open and and invest so much money in outdoor structures not to mention the expense of disinfecting constantly. The indoor dining closure a few months ago was yet another punch in the gut. Unfortunately, January 7, 2021 Christian will start his next fight with chemotherapy as a recent scan found that the colon cancer has been found in his lungs. We don't know how we will keep afloat as his immune system will be completely crushed by the treatment. But we must survive because the business gives him life. You can see his face light up every time he is there and even more when he hears customers rave about his truly delicious food. I am fighting for the business to succeed for him and for our 3 children 14, 11 and 5 who are in full time remote school. I am unable to work full-time at the restaurant. I work remotely from home as a freelance Costume Designer, which provides the family with our healthcare. My fear is if we go under he will lose his drive to fight and he is truly a fighter. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. I know that everyone is struggling. My heart breaks for everyone. Thank you for your continued help in the community and listening to our story.