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Congratulation May Be in Order for Floyd Mayweather and the Exotic Dancer He's Reportedly Engage To

Source - FLOYD Mayweather is engaged to his stripper girlfriend Anna Monroe, a source told The Sun. 

The boxing champ, 43, has proposed to Anna Monroe, 29, - head stripper at his Las Vegas club Girl Collection - shortly after news of their relationship was revealed by The Sun last week, the insider said.

Anna posted pictures on Instagram on Sunday in which she sports a huge diamond ring - believed to be her engagement ring - on her left hand. 

According to the source, they are also planning to try for a baby this year.

"Floyd was annoyed at first that news of their relationship broke because he wanted to keep it private," the source told The Sun.

Just by way of full disclosure on this story, just as I started to post about it, the denials came out:

But I'm going to go ahead and write about it anyway for a couple of reasons. One, there could be any number of reasons why the couple would deny the rumor. Maybe they want to reveal the engagement in their own special way and not by some anonymous source in the British tabloids. Perhaps they want to throw a party and make it official in front of their friends and loved one. Perhaps he hasn't asked Anna Monroe's parents yet. Or possibly they just want to avoid paparazzi, go off and elope in secret. There are any number of reasons to deny it, and all of them are more plausible than an exotic dancer sporting a ring that costs more than the appraised property value of your average private country club.

But the main reason I'm going to post this is because I want to believe this. I want to truly believe that these two crazy kids are ready to tie the knot. Laugh if you must. Say of me what you will. But I'm a hopeless romantic. All the world loves a lover, and no one more than me. When to sweethearts like this realize they are soulmates and are ready to walk down the aisle and make their bond of holy matrimony official in the eyes of God and the powers vested in them by whatever state they decide to jump the broom in, well then we all win. 

Besides, Mayweather has not had the best history with women. There have been multiple allegations of assault. There's the interview he gave when he said he was dating and traveling with seven ladies because "one is too close to none." 

And the romantic in me likes to believe that he's seen the error of his ways, and is ready to settle down into a committed, monogamous relationship. If that's the case, it seems like he could not have found a more perfect Love Connection. 

In the words of the minister on that "Three Stooges" Eric Stoltz is watching in "Pulp Fiction," "Hold hands, you two lovebirds." And if you're looking for someone to perform the ceremony, I volunteer to make you my sixth. At no charge, just as long as I get to go to the Bachelor Party.