Jamey Chadwell Said Tennessee Is Not on His Radar Before Listing 10 Things He Loves About Tennessee

This is one of the best answers from a coach about another job I've ever heard. Jamey Chadwell definitely does not have the Tennessee job on his mind at all, but he would like to take this opportunity to tell you just a few things he loves about his home state and how big of a Vols fan he grew up. But again, not on his radar.

And this is a guy who truly cared so little about the South Carolina job that his wife's brake light being out was a more pressing issue in his mind than potentially getting an SEC head coaching job. So you can see the slight difference in responses there.

I have made it known I am all aboard the Mayo Train, but I think Chadwell could be a great hire. He's an offensive innovator that made it very clear he has at least some of the passion for the University of Tennessee necessary to succeed in that job — although, again, it's not on his radar.

But I guess we can go ahead and cross Chadwell off the list since he has a commitment to Coastal Carolina — where he made $375,000 this year — and he doesn't have much to say about Tennessee except how much he loves his home state, the fact that he dreamed of playing at UT and referred to himself as a "Volunteer." That's a shame.