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Imagine Marshawn Lynch As An NHL Superstar?

My world's colliding!!! Marshawn Lynch is one of my favorite players of all time. I'm a big Seahawks fans (obligatory explanation why in this blog) and Beast Mode is just awesome, everything he does is awesome. He went out for a skate with his buddy Akim Aliu and he actually doesn't look too bad on skates (not a fan of that Avs jersey though)!!! 

Imagine Marshawn as an NHL Superstar? He'd look great on the Bruins as a power forward. He'd destroy people like a real life NHL Hitz. Bundling guys left and right. Oh and his celebrations too? Would be iconic. HOLD MA DIIICCCKKKK.

Giphy Images.

I don't want but I NEED Beast Mode mic'd up for a beer league hockey game.