When Trying To Land A Cheap Shot Sucker Punch Goes Wrong


Monday Morning Metaphor – think you’re about to knock this week the fuck out, end up flat on your face without an ounce of fight or dignity left.

This is why I don’t believe in karma. Because in a world where karma exists this guy wouldn’t just be able to pop right back up with a little hurt pride. He wouldn’t be walking away from this with nothing but a little bit of future embarrassment on the internet. He would have landed directly on his face, smashed his nose, lost 4 teeth, then gotten promptly stomped out by the guy he tried to sucker punch.

This, while entertaining, is just not enough for what he deserved.

I like to think that in an alternate Internet universe this Youtube plays for another 30 seconds and features the guy getting absolutely annihilated then possibly arrested.

Say No to Sucker Punches.

Kentucky QB Drew Barker knows what I’m talking about.