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Thoughts And Prayers For Only Fans Star Vanessa Sierra Enduring a 'Harsh' Quarantine At The Australian Open And Having To Do Something She Never Does: Wash Her Own Hair!

Was that a long enough title for you? Well the Aussie Open right now is a unmitigated shit show and it's time to talk about it. Late last week I detailed how American tennis player Tennys Sandgren was cleared to fly to Australia despite testing positive for covid-19 (he's shedding the virus). That was enough to send the locals down there nuts. While the rest of the 1,200 players, coaches, wives, etc. headed over, a few flights ended up having several passengers test positive for the virus as well. This forced Tennis Australia to institute a hard 14 day quarantine for anyone on those flights. That means with the tournament scheduled to begin in 20 days, these players will not be able to leave their hotel rooms for 2 whole weeks. It's not ideal in the slightest, but is anything with this pandemic? Australia is taking the virus as serious as humanly possible and is not going to fuck around with a few foreign tennis players who could ruin the whole thing for not only the tournament, but the surrounding city that's been relatively covid-free for a while now. 

As you can imagine, a lot of the 70+ players under lockdown are complaining about the conditions. Former Top 20 in the world Bernard Tomic is down there with his girlfriend/Only Fans star Vanessa Sierra, who does not appear to be having the best time. You can watch their specific plight at about the 58 second mark of the below news clip. 

You have to feel for Vanessa. While there are Australian citizens unable to get home for months because of the virus, people who haven't seen their loved ones in a long, long time, here she is unable to wash her hair. Why? Well, not because she doesn't have the proper amenities to do so. No, it's because washing her own hair is not something she does! So unfair to make her even attempt such a grueling task. Next your going to tell me she has to feed herself too! 

It's almost impossible to sound more privileged than this. Feel like SNL wouldn't even have that in a skit because it's so over the top. Poor Vanessa Sierra. The horror of not having someone else there to hold your hand, sing you a song, and wash your hair for you. Thoughts and prayers go out to her during these traumatic and harrowing circumstances. 

As for her boyfriend and tennis player Bernard Tomic...well once Vanessa gets through her hair debacle, I think he'll be okay shacking up with her for 14 days. Or it could honestly be a train wreck that ends this relationship for good. Best of luck though!