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This Girl's Reaction To Her Bills Fan Dad Going CRAZY During Taron Johnson's Pick 6 Last Night Is The Purest Video On The Internet


Barstool has probably posted 8 zillion videos of maniacs going bananas about their sports teams over the years, but this is the first time I can remember seeing a family member's reaction to said maniac and boy was it awesome. Yeah that play was "good" if you consider decades worth of frustration and anger and football hell turning into pure NSFW glee because a man ran 101 yards in Orchard Park, NY. There's no point telling your younger kids to wear earmuffs at any point during the game because I'm pretty sure that exact phrase was being screamed by the entire Greater Buffalo region at the same time and could be heard from space. Truly an awesome moment for Bills fans and more importantly their families that have had to deal with their sad souls every winter about as often as Lake Effect snow. Trust me, I can appreciate what it's like having your family watch you be held hostage because of your passion watching 53 strangers play football.

Billt Different couldn't be a more fitting phrase for the fanbase as well as the blue collar people in it and you can support both by buying one of these shirts.

Speaking of reaction videos of family members, I would give every dollar in my bank account to get an alternate video of how this kid's family reacted to him refusing to clean the sink full of dishes because he would be hanging from the battroom during his first ballot Internet Hall of Fame meltdown a few years ago.