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Deshaun Watson's Anger Level After They Traded DeAndre Hopkins Was a 2. Now He's At A 10.


Oh he MAD MAD. Deshaun Watson is NOT fucking around. This isn't your average "player bummed out because a team did something he didn't like". This is "you gave away a top 5 WR in the league for a can of beans and I was ok with it because that was business, but now you've fucked up beyond repair because this is personal". They lied right to him and he is not happy about it in the least. Yikes.

Things are bad in Houston. Real bad. Even Andre Johnson is speaking out against the Texans organization, that's how bad it is.

So now the question is, what does it take to get Deshaun? A LOT, obviously. 3 firsts? Multiple firsts and a player? And how good of a player? What do you guys think of this deal?



Basically 3 firsts for Deshaun. I think you have to do it. Franchise QBs are impossible to find. I haven't seen one in my 32 years on Earth. How are you going to beat Pat Mahomes without a QB like Watson? I think you gotta do that trade. Maybe even add in another mid-round pick or two.

I think this team is a Deshaun Watson away from a Super Bowl. I could totally see him winding up here. We shall see what happens. #DW2DC