Andre Johnson Has Joined The Resistance And Wants Deshaun Watson Traded!


Yes Andre Johnson, talk that shit! 

That cannot feel good if you are a suit in the Texans organization when the 2nd best player in your team's history completely trashes the organization from the top down. He had 7 1,000+ yard seasons for the Texans, 7 Pro Bowls, holds every receiving record, was the first ever player inducted into the Texans ring of honor, and will be the first Texans player to make the Hall of Fame. So for him to come out against the organization, fucking YIKES bro. 

And who is this Jack Easterby Andrew talks so fondly about?

Texans - Jack Easterby was named the executive vice president of football operations on January 28, 2020, being promoted to the role after joining the Houston Texans as executive vice president of team development in April 2019. In his role, Easterby manages all football operations and directs the overall culture of the organization.


I think they have to give Andre Johnson his job right now. I don't see any other choice. If the guy in charge of the "overall culture of the organization" is so hated, well, it seems they have a Bruce Allen-esque culture problem going on over there. And let me tell you what, that will not work, ever, in a million billion years.

So I guess all the Texans can do now is trade Deshaun to Washington for a couple first rounders. I don't really see any other solutions. So do the right thing, Texans. DW2DC.