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Dick Vermeil Said That Deshaun Watson Needs To Worry About Leading His Football Team And That The Texans Need To Change His Diaper

Look at Dick Vermeil jumping into the mud on a slow Thursday morning! Jesus Christ.

Now I don't want to put words, or to be honest anything, in another man's mouth. But that diaper line feels like a shot at Deshaun Watson. I'm not sure if Vermeil is saying that Watson has trouble getting his poo poo and pee pee into the potty or Deshaun voicing his complaints about the Texans being run like a clownshoe operation the last few years makes him sound like he is crying like a baby. I personally roast my 2.5 year old son by calling him a baby when he refuses to sit on a potty, which occasionally works. However, an 84 year old man should probably not be throwing stones about the potty stuff since we usually leave this world like we came into it, unloading in diapers. And the problem with Dick Vermeil of all people calling out someone for crying is that he is the most notorious crier in NFL history. Shit, there is a 2 minute video of just him crying throughout the years.

Anyway, thanks to Dick Vermeil for taking an unprovoked shot at one of the best and most liked players in the NFL this morning simply because he wants his team to stop trading Hall of Fame wide receivers for running backs and having chaplains allegedly choosing GMs.