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After The News Today, It's Official - Basketball In The Northeast Won't Be The Same For The Rest Of The Season

The biggest news I can think of today relating to basketball in the Northeast. We have a program that's attempting to get back to national relevance. A program that is ranked for the first time in over 4 years and back in the Big East. A team trying to get back to the NCAA Tournament under a new regime. And now this? Brutal. James Bouknight is a legit star, NBA prospect, potential All-American and All-Big East player, however you want to describe him. He's averaging 20 a game, playing 33 minutes. The UConn offense runs through him.

Yes, I understand they beat DePaul without him and came back against Marquette with him playing injured and missing time during that. But you just don't replace this: 

I blogged about what Hurley is doing at UConn earlier this week, but it's worth mentioning again. The way he built this roster so far has been perfect. It mimics what Calhoun did there.  Build around a star, get a ton of bigs that can protect the rim, a lead guard and defend your ass off. Now what do you do? You need two transfers to turn into go-to guys in RJ Cole and Tyrese Martin. They've both been good so far, but again, that's been in the role asked to play. You need that defense to keep getting better and hope that Polley keeps scoring like he is. 

What's the real dagger though? The heart of the Big East schedule comes up for UConn. They've already gotten DePaul twice and Butler once. Saturday Feb. 6 through Feb. 20 they have Seton Hall, Xavier, Providence and Villanova. UConn really needs him to be back for that. 

Just crazy news coming out of the northeast today. 

PS: New York will always be a Knicks city.