Pacers Finally Split Ways With Victor Oladipo, Bring In Caris LeVert From Brooklyn

Whoooooooooaaaaaa baby. HUGE news on a Wednesday out of the NBA. James Harden is heading to Brooklyn, Brooklyn is sending a boatload of picks and Jarret Allen to Houston, and Houston expanded the trade to a three-teamer to snag Victor Oladipo from the Pacers meaning Caris LeVert is now the newest member of Indiana. 


It's been speculated for almost two years now that Oladipo wanted out of Indiana. You had all the nonsense in the offseason that he was telling players from other teams to "come get him" and asking if he could come play with him. 

His contract was up after this season, and after they hired Nate Bjorgken it sounded like Oladipo was happy enough to stay put in Indiana around Coach B's new offense and the young team Indiana has. That has ended. 

Another tale of a player that came to be a star in Indiana and essentially grew out of the town by their own doing. He wanted out, and Pacers leadership was tired of dealing with him. 

Now they bring in Caris LeVert from the Nets. He's 26 years old, 6'6 averaging 13 points per game for his career since he came in to the league in 2016, but he has vastly improved over the last two seasons in terms of scoring the ball. He averaged 19 points per game last season and through games this year has been averaging 18. Not a great three point shooter averaging 33% from beyond the arc, but he's another young wing player that can score it along with TJ Warren when he returns healthy. 

The Pacers have him for three seasons including this year. He'll slide right in for Oladipo and you're looking at a starting five of Malcolm Brogdon, TJ Warren, Caris LeVert, Domas Sabonis and Myles Turner. Young, athletic, and can score it. I like this bunch.