Who In THE HELL Does Victor Oladipo Think He Is?

This fucking guy. I mean the absolute god damn nerve of this guy. 

I have been far from light on Victor Oladipo since I started at Barstool. He's gone from returning back to Indiana where he played his college ball looking for a fresh start on the court, to getting just that and becoming beloved by Indiana and Pacers fans everywhere, to now being a complete dick in the face of the franchise that gave him another shot of the bust start to his career in the place he claimed "His City". 

After one season. 

Apparently being an All-Star for one campaign gives you the same power and choosing as....LeBron??

I mean it's insane that we as Pacers fans thought "ah it can't get any worse than that fraud Paul George" then not even three years into Oladipo's tenure in Indiana he has, in fact, become worse if these reports are true. At least Paul George had proven it for oh I don't know, more than one season before he started being a diva, 

Oladipo's hiring agents for his rap "career". He wants to go play for the Knicks apparently. What could go wrong there besides the last 20 years.

Now, according to a Pacers beat writer Mark Montieth, it apparently isn't all bad. He tweeted on Thursday:

"Context is important here. Oladipo was frustrated with the offensive system. Now that there's a new ocoach, that has gone away. Note that he called Nate Bjorkgren (the new hire) immediately after the hire and they had a positive conversation, according to Bjorkgren. Still, not a good look..."

Nope. Not a good look at all. And again remember it's positive "according to Bjorkgren". What else was he going to say during his first time talking to the local media? "Yeah I don't think it's going to work out with Vic, our best player on paper". 

We've heard lip service from Pacers President Kevin Pritchard over the summer about their "great relationship" with Oladipo that "couldn't get much better". Saw how that's worked out. 

I''m just tired, man. Tired of dude's like this not wanting to be here and dragging down the rest of the franchise. Just get him out. Make the trade, wipe your hands again, and be done with it.