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Victor Oladipo Is Reportedly "Moving On From The Pacers" This Offseason

Yuuup. Sounds about right. 

Not even 1 month after Pacers president Kevin Pritchard went on the Indy radio waves saying he "couldn't imagine having a better relationship" with Victor Oladipo, these reports come out. 

Once again proving a few things. 

1. The Pacers in fact do NOT have a great relationship with Victor Oladipo. 

2. Anyone even resembling a "star", which is being very kind to Oladipo, will not ever want to stay in Indiana. It's just not going to happen. They're constantly going to be in the state they are now. Good, kind of competitive, but never even close to good enough. 

Now, do I think highly of Oladipo as a player? I do not. He's had one good season. One. He was basically a bust when he got to Indiana in 2017 and everyone in Indy was so pissed off about Paul George that anyone showing any pulse of a good basketball player was going to be beloved. 

But it just goes to show that even if you get your ass handed to you in the first round of the playoffs, if you have really good marketing and social media following then you want to be anywhere else but Indiana. 

What are you going to do now, Victor? Go to New York and be shitty with the shitty Knicks? Go to the Heat and ride the bench? Seriously as of right now Oladipo would maybe be the 6th best player on the Heat. 

This is the purgatory that is being a Pacers fan. Ownership that will never spend more than a dime they need to to even attempt at luring a big time player to Indiana while refusing to ever be bad enough to have a legitimate shot at the lottery. 

Just a whole bunch of good ol' "we grew basketball here" nonsense all while being swept out of the first round. Again.