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Mike Tomlin Says He's "Not Going To Maintain Status Quo" Thank The Lord

Woke up on Monday morning slightly sad, but more frustrated that once again I watched the Pittsburgh Steelers crumble in December in January for the fourth season in a row. 

I pounded away at an article blasting Coach Tomlin and really everyone in the organization about how insane and nauseating it is to see the same bullshit performance time and time again since 2017. 

Looks like hopefully now the man leading the charge in Pittsburgh is aligning with me and the rest of Steelers Nation. He had his end of season press conference on Wednesday and made it seem as if changes will be coming...eventually. 

“We haven’t had any of those discussions,” Tomlin told the field of reporters. “Change is a part of our business. So I’ll acknowledge the possibility for that. We’re just beginning the process of having those types of meaty discussions. They usually produce changes or non-changes. And so it is that time of year. I anticipate those discussions happening and rather soon as we plot a course to move forward.”

Just lip service so he doesn't straight up say "Yeah we'll be parting ways with ______" I guess. The real quote that sticks with me is the one from the top of this blog. 

When asked about those very collapses over the last few seasons (45-42 loss in divisional round in 2017, lose 4 of 5 down the stretch and miss the playoffs in '18, lose the final three in miss the playoffs in '19, and lose 5 of 6 and bounced in the wild card in 2020) he said the following: 

"I'm not going to maintain status quo and hope that the overall outcome changes. That's the definition of insanity."

There will definitely be personnel changes solely based off free agency alone. Villanueva, JuJu, Mike Hilton, Cam Sutton, are four big names that will hit the market, and who knows about the possible retirement of Big Ben and Maurkice Pouncey. Then you get to the coaching staff and you hope for the love of god there will be changes.

My only fear is that it's too little too late for Coach T to make those decisions. We've had Keith Butler having linebackers cover other teams best receiver out of empty for the last three seasons. We've had piss-poor playcalling in the redzone and short yardage by Coach Randy for the last two. Now the winning window is closed for Pittsburgh. 

At the very least it will be refreshing to see some sort of change that we can all bitch about next fall.