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At Some Point The Steelers Coaching Staff Has To Feel Some Heat Right? Right??? RIGHT?!

2018, 2019, 2020. Boom, boom, boom. Mike Tomlin once said December is time to "unleash hell". The only hell his team has been unleashing the last three seasons is to their fans. 

That's just so damn bad, and someone needs to answer for it. Yes, Big Ben was bad last night. 4 INT will never win you a game ESPECIALLY in the playoffs, but I mean good lord Mike Tomlin's team was going up against a team who couldn't practice for the last two weeks or even be in the same building together and the only team that looked like that was the case for last night was his. 

I know, I know what everyone on Twitter is about to say. "Coach Tomlin has never had a losing season since taking over in 2007". That's great. The standard is the standard and he has done a really, really good job in that aspect. But damn, this is the Pittsburgh Steelers we're talking about here. 

When Collinsworth wasn't hashing over and over last night about how the Steelers "used to be a running football team" you were able to hear Al Michaels continue to harp on how great and proud of a franchise Pittsburgh is. 

If that still wants to be the case then numbers listed above from Adam Crowley are completely unacceptable. Again, I want to reinforce that Big Ben was bad last night, and he was bad to get the Steelers in a hole in 2017 against Jackonsville. But 93 points? At home? In only the last two playoff games??? Someone has to be held accountable. 

At the very least the coordinators have to be addressed. The continued lack of adjustments in crucial situations over the last three years has been brutal. Robert Spillane somehow continuing to get matched up on Jarvis Landry and the Steelers just...kept letting it happen. 3rd & 2 to start the 4th quarter Steelers down 12. A stop there and getting the ball back was their best chance at the time to pull off the comeback. And wouldn't you know it Cleveland knew exactly where to line up and who to throw to while Bob Spillane was drifting 10 yards behind the tail of Landry. 

Saw the same shit against the Chargers in 2018 with Jon Bostic and Keenan Allen. 

0-3 on two point conversion attempts last night and the best they could draw up was a pick play to the boundary of the endzone that wasn't even run correctly. I mean it's nauseating. 

Coach Tomlin has made history plenty of times in good ways, but he also made history Sunday night. No Steelers team had ever given up 28 points in a quarter. They did last night. In the first quarter. Of a playoff game. Against the Browns.