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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Who Was Caught Rolling Around Naked With Pigs And When Asked Why Simply Said, "I Just Like Pigs"?

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Daily Mail- A man asked by police why he was naked in a hog barn late last month simply replied, ‘I just like pigs.’ Larry William Henry, 65, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania was charged with indecent exposure, criminal trespass, and defiant trespass after he was found in the barn rolling around naked with the pigs. Police did not specify whether or not he was engaged in sexual activity with the animals nor is it known if he is married or single. Police were called on June 26 at around 10:18 p.m. after the owner of the farm on Coffee Street in Millersville found the drunk man, ‘naked inside the barn with several market-weight hogs.’ Henry told officers that he ‘just likes pigs’ and admitted to drinking an entire six-pack of ‘Hamm’s beer made by Miller Brewing Company’ while in the pen last month, reports Local21News. This isn’t the first time Henry may have been caught in the pig pen with his pants down.





Classic case of the “The truth will set you free” gone wrong here.  Sure, honesty is the best policy in most instances but not here.  Tell them you accidentally fell in.  Tell them you got black out drunk at a bar, a bunch of guys jumped you and they left you for dead there.  Don’t simply say, “I just like pigs.”  In his head he was thinking that if he told the police the truth they wouldn’t arrest him and put his mug shot everywhere as the guy who just likes rolling around naked with pigs.  Wrong.  Honesty with the police only works if you’re a kid who got caught shop lifting candy for the first time or something dumb and innocent like that.  Not getting hammered and willingly rolling around in the nude with pigs in a barn.  On the flip side, the honesty is a bit refreshing in terms of a criminal finally telling the truth.  You know when athletes keep giving the media canned answers over and over and over again like “We take it one game at a time” or “It’s all about getting better every day.”  Then one guy says the truth and people are like, “Finally!”  That’s this guy.  You’ve seen Cops.  Everybody who gets caught says they’re innocent and it wasn’t there fault.  Not this guy.  He straight up loves pigs.  That’s it.  No sugarcoating it whatsoever.  So, while he most definitely should have come up with an excuse, the honesty is refreshing.