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Barstool's Monthly Poker Tourney Hosted In New Jersey TONIGHT


People love to knock Jersey. They see a couple TV shows and movies and they call it the Armpit of America and thats it. They laugh. They ignore the fact that there are some of the nicest beaches for the summer time. Conveniently forget how everyone from New York and Connecticut and all the surrounding states flock there for the summer. They forget about the magnificent salted meat that is pork roll.

And they forget that online poker gambling is legal here. So if you’re from the great state of Jersey and you’re gonna be within its borders tonight, sign up for the Barstool tournament on Party Poker. Just a 20 dollar buy in, $1000 guaranteed pot. Have some fun, play some cards, win some money, and spend it all down the shore this weekend.

ALSO, we’re giving away 4 tickets to WWE Live at the Prudential Center. So not only is it straight cash homey its a hell of a night at The Rock. Maybe on your way down to Squan or LBI or something. Just get involved, theres too many reasons not to.

Click to download software. Just search for Barstool in the lobby.