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Wake Up Ohio, We've Got To Beat The Haters And Doubters Again Today


Here we go again.....

No days off here in Ohio. Last night we had to prove the entire world wrong by beating the Steelers without any coaches or an offensive line, and today we need to prove the entire world wrong again by beating Alabama. 8 point underdogs?? Why even play the game? Let's let everyone in Ohio catch up on their sleep and just crown Alabama the champions right now.


This is what we do in Ohio. You tell us we can't do something, and we just put our head down and work harder. Have you noticed that NO ONE from Ohio is talking any shit? It's all the Juju Smith-Schusters and Dabo Swinneys of the world that are providing the bulletin board material. We let them do the talking. We just do the work.

Speaking of talking, I've seen a fair amount of people on this fancy thing we call the internet saying that there's no way Nick Saban will allow the Buckeyes to play the disrespected card like they did against Clemson. He's just going to keep his mouth shut and let the boys play. Uhhh, too late? Let's not forget that Dabo Swinney wasn't the only coach to leave Ohio State out of his top 4....


Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. How are you such a good football coach but so incredibly dumb? It truly blows my mind how they knew Ohio State would be in the playoff but these coaches that could play against them would disrespect them so bad. Why provide the extra motivation? 


These Buckeyes are too talented to piss off. And Nick Saban should've learned his lesson the last time he played Ohio State.


I'll say this: that Zeke Elliot 85 yards through the heart of the south run is my #1 favorite sports moment in my entire life. It could've possibly been Rajai Davis' World Series tying home run against the Cubs in game 7, but we ended up losing. Thought I'd throw that analysis in there for you guys. 

Speaking of analysis, are we using a Craftsman or a DeWalt to hammer the Buckeyes tonight? I'm not talking about the 8 points that Vegas is giving us either. I want the whole damn thing. +260 odds? 

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It's only been 11 days and 2021 has already been the best year of my entire life. I'd like to thank Dabo Swinney and Juju Smith-Schuster for making this all possible for me. I just pray that Mac Jones or Nick Saban or somebody says something stupid before kickoff tonight and can poke the bear a little bit more. Corso has to take the Crimson Tide, right? Put Gameday on in the locker room. In fact, I want ESPN rolling all day. I'm sure the SEC fan club they have on all of their talk shows will get our boys ready to play.