"Browns is the Browns." - JuJu Smith-Schuster

I am fairly speechless right now.

What happened tonight was a long time coming. I never lived in Ohio, but my dad is a Cleveland guy born and raised (good luck with the Buckeyes tomorrow night, dad) and made sure I was a Browns fan from BIRTH. The only Playoff game I am old enough to remember was the 2002-2003 blown 17-point lead in Pittsburgh. Our happy moments are few, very few, and far between.

Tonight fucking ruled. I don't care what happens next week. That might be a loser's mentality, but I am living in the moment right now. To embarrass the Steelers, in Pittsburgh, during a week that smelled like the "classic Browns" shit of old with the COVID issues, feels pretty fucking great.

The Browns manned the fuck up tonight. They overcame the coaching absences, the player absences, not practicing (they've practiced four times in like three weeks?), injuries, and so much more. Hell, even in the game they lost their All-Pro right tackle, and then their backup left guard (their starting left guard is out with COVID)… yet didn't allow a single sack to the vaunted Steelers pass rush.

The touchdown before the half was massive. The two final scoring drives were big boy moments. Baker was great. Kareem Hunt & Nick Chubb were awesome (CHUNT!). And the defense made plays when they had to be made.

I'll be smiling for a long, long time.

As for the JuJu quote, buy your shirts now!

I mean, even fucking Nick Chubb… NICK CHUBB! The guy never talks!… was talking shit back on Instagram after the game…


Yeah, they have the Chiefs next week. But guess what, I'll worry about the game on Sunday. This is a week to be happy, be fired up, and to celebrate.

The culture is changing in Cleveland, there's a new standard, and this is a massive first step.