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Awesome Moment As The Warriors Honor Their 81 Year Old Scorekeeper Who Started Working For The Team Watching Wilt Chamberlain Play

Great wholesome moment last night by the Warriors after their come from behind win over the Clippers. The whole team paid their respects for a dude who started working for the organization watching Wilt Chamberlain play. Golden State's scorekeeper Fred Kast has to have had it up to here counting numbers. No more math for this man moving forward. He could have called it quits just working during the Wilt era, but now after seeing the likes of Steph, Klay, and KD put it on teams over the years he figured 81 years old was a good time to step away. 

Not going to lie, I didn't know if Fred was going to make the basket. Basically the same feeling Warriors fans must have when Kelly Oubre attempts a three.

Sorry had to include that after stumbling across it on the timeline today. 

Getting back on track, I didn't mean that as a dig at all to Fred Kast, I just can't imagine myself doing ANYTHING at 81 years old. I certainly won't have a job, never mind one that involves me keeping track of things. I most likely won't be alive if we're being honest so shooting a basketball on a 10 foot rim seems pretty much off the table. Standing would be a win as far as I'm concerned. The anxiety I had watching Fred Kast try to muscle that pumpkin up to the rim was indescribable. Damion Lee nearly sabotaged the whole thing by passing him the ball and forcing him to catch and shoot right off the bat. We literally just saw Tom Segura's gruesome injury a few days ago, let's not repeat that. Good on Steph for realizing the situation and handing Fred the ball after every shot. The moment that ball went through the hoop I nearly jumped up from my couch. What a cool moment for Fred Kast. That's one helluva way to go out. 

The NY Times did a cool write up on Kast a couple days ago if you want to check that out.