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Steph Curry Cooked As The Clippers Choked Away A Huge Lead And The World Feels A Bit More Normal This Morning

Nothing like a little normalcy in the morning to remember what the world used to be like. Steph Curry embarrassing anyone and everyone daring to cover him. The Clippers losing in hilarious fashion. I wont say order is restored, we’re not even close to that, but it’s a nice reminder that it’s attainable.

I’ve seen a lot of talking heads try to make this season out to be some make or break year for Steph. As if the titles somehow don’t count and the MVPs were tainted and unearned. Sure. Great. Whatever. Let’s roll with this line of batshit insane thinking, just for shits and giggles. Last night Steph had his FIFTIETH (50th) game hitting eight (8) or more (9+) threes, going a brisk 9/14.

Comfortably the most, not by an active player, EVER. So far on the year Steph is averaging 30.6 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 6.8 apg, 1.2 spg while shooting a hair under 40% from distance on 12 attempts per game. Worth noting that this is also comfortably the largest collection of dogshit he’s ever been surrounded by.

If this is the season you want to boil his entire career down to in an attempt to discredit all of his accolades and success? It’s not going how you planned. Mostly because, and I apologize if I’m speaking too brazenly so early on a Saturday morn, Steph Curry is really good at basketball. Sorry if that offends. 

And just to touch on the Clippers meltdown for a second - it’s very funny they fired Doc Rivers just to replace him with Doc Rivers Jr., dusted their hands and assumed everything was fixed. Getting housed by 50 to the Mavs, blowing near-30 point leads to the Warriors, the Clippers are still very much the Clippers.