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Is There Anything Less Shocking Than James Harden Partying With Tequila The Night Before A Game While Jeremy Lin Drank Water At The Bar?

Seth Jones of MY Columbus Blue Jackets hopped on Spittin Chiclets and naturally decided to talk some hoops. That's what happens when your dad is Popeye Jones and you also have a story like this. Plus, who doesn't like a little basketball talk with Whitney? But this? This is the least shocking thing I've ever heard. You mean to tell me that James Harden - THIS James Harden - was seen partying with some tequila the night before a game? 

And you're telling me this guy was seen sitting at the bar with a glass of water? 

Checks out. It's not even snitching by Seth Jones, it's just what everyone expects. It's a great story not snitching. Plus, let's be honest, you really think Harden is the only person in sports to get a little loose the night before a regular season game? I don't think so. If we can have a pitcher throw a perfect game on LSD, Harden can go drop 40 (or in this case, 8) with a little tequila hangover. That's the bigger thing here. The hell you doing drinking tequila the night before a game? That's the crazy part. That's just asking for some bubble guts and a little bit of the runs in the first quarter. Clearly the play is some vodka here. That's the easiest to sweat out. If you go bourbon here you're completely fucked. You're not recovering the next night. 

And then there's Lin. This fucking nerd. Yes, Linsansity was awesome, until he wasn't. I linked that video above because of how annoying he became. The man was a borderline player who couldn't shoot or defend by the end of his career. Of course he wasn't getting free agent looks. That's not rock bottom. That's the end of a career my dude. But even sadder than that is him just drinking water. At least get a soda or a juice. Lie and say you're having a mixed drink. Do anything besides nothing but water. I assume he just sat at the bar too. Probably had his scouting report with him. James probably laughing and sending girls and drinks over to him as Lin was all shy and quiet. Zero doubt about that.

Speaking of playing hungover, here's an obligatory video

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