Everyone Who Told Me Chase Young Would Be A Bust After He Was Triple Teamed In The Clemson Game Has 30 Minutes To Issue An Apology


I'm giving everyone a half an hour. That's right. If you were one of the people who wrote Chase Young off after he didn't have a sack in the Clemson game (despite being triple teamed the entire time), you have one half of an hour to apologize. If you ever tweeted at me, or him, or commented in the comment section that Chase would be a bust, the clock is ticking. 

Look, we are kind and friendly and forgiving people. Life is hard, I get it. So you can atone, show remorse, and move on with your life if you are one of those ding dong brain knuckleheads who ever for a second, a microsecond, thought Chase Young wouldn't be an all-world pro. He's surpassed all expectations, not only with his play on the field, but with how he has emerged as a leader of the team in the locker room and community. He's not only the face of the franchise, he's the biggest star we've had here since Sean Taylor.

So he didn't get a sack in the Clemson game. Oh well. I guess it's worked out. Now all he has to do is get out there and sack Tom Brady.