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Apparently There Are Still People Out There Who Think Chase Young "Disappeared" In The Clemson Game But The Tape Shows A Completely Different Story

I've been deadset on Chase Young No Matter What since January. I believe he's a once in a generation type talent with sky high potential. Size, strength, instincts, he has it all. In this last season at Ohio State he had 16.5 sacks in only 12 games. This is while facing double teams and BIG 10 offensive linemen. He also had 7 forced fumbles. Needless to say, he's a wrecking ball. I don't know how anyone can watch tape of his and not think he's the biggest no-brainer at #2 of all time. It shouldn't even really be a discussion in my opinion. 

He will immediately impacts games for the Skins. Double team him, sure, fine. Let Montez Sweat come at the quarterback from the other side. Their pressure on the QB will force quicker passes and shorter routes, taking a lot of pressure off our secondary. It's the perfect situation. 

But yet there are folks who point to the National Championship game and say Chase will be a bust because he didn't register a sack that night. It's a HOT TAKE, for sure. Throwing out every other stat, metric, and game tape because he didn't have a sack in one particular game. Nevermind OSU wouldn't have been in that game if not for Chase Young. But regardless, I'm always baffled when people point to that game and say he'll be a bust. If he's going to be a bust (and remember, nothing in the NFL is a given, we've all had guys we were so sure about end up being busts. Mine was CJ Spiller) it'll be for some other reason. 

So let's take a look at the tape. 10 QB hurries, 4 hits.

That impact is undeniable. Trevor Lawrence is the best college QB in a long time and he was shitting his britches on every dropback. Those sorts of rushed throws are interceptions in the NFL. And he is also great against the run, despite that not even being a priority to teach him (Plus, bonus Parks and Rec in the background!).

Freaky play.

Chase Young isn't just the obvious pick, he's the only pick. Adding him to one of the top rookie clases from last year? Yes please.

It's Chase Young No Matter What.