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Jaromir Jagr, Still Very Much A Beast

Most of the boomers who bitch and moan about millennials being lazy are just full of shit. They say shit like "well back in my day yada yada yada". But Jaromir Jagr is the living embodiment of how everybody from that generation views themselves. 

I wish we were able to see a clock in this photo. I bet this sick bastard is out there in a weighted vest and ankle weights around his skates at 4 in the morning. Just a quick training session before he heads to the gym at 7, eats some breakfast, has a morning skate at 9, goes about his day, plays a full game, stays at the rink after the game to skate some more, and then probably walks himself back home where he has a Czech model waiting for him. Rinse & repeat. A day in the life of Jags. 

And to think that there are some teams in the NHL these days who are getting rid of the morning skate all together. Couldn't possibly be Jagr's NHL. Maniac.