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Jack Eichel Shot The Puck Through The Net At Sabres' Prospect Camp

Realistically speaking, you have to imagine that Buffalo has some of the shittiest nets ever on the ice during prospect development camp right now. I mean they’re one of the most frugal teams in the NHL and are pretty much planking on the salary floor. With that being said, I think this Jack Eichel kid has a pretty bright future in the game of hockey. Net made out of silly string or not, that was a pretty damn impressive shot. Goaltenders everywhere are going to have nightmares about how quick the release on his shot is. The kid also put his patience on display at prospect camp with these beauties earlier in the week.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. The Buffalo Sabres are going to be the real deal very very soon. Eichel, Kane, Reinhart, Girgensons, Moulson, Ennis, Ristolainen, Former Flyers Carlo Colaiacovo and Jason Akeson (lol). The list goes on. All they have to do is find themselves a goalie and let Dan Bylsma find a way to not fuck everything up and life should be pretty sweet for the city of Buffalo.

And don’t think I forgot about Ryan O’Reilly. The Sabres definitely jumped the gun on that one a bit and drastically overpaid the man, but they have the money to throw around so that’s not a huge issue. Yesterday, O’Reilly was charged with impaired driving after he crashed his truck into a Tim Hortons on Thursday and fled the scene of the accident. So between the guy who is set to make the most money on payroll getting in drunk driving accidents and Jack Eichel doing shit like you see above, I’d say it’s been quite the eventful offseason for the Buffalo Sabres so far.