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Nick Saban's Daughter Says Ohio State Is Using COVID as an Excuse Because the Buckeyes Are Scared of Alabama

As you might imagine, this tweet was deleted about as quickly as it was sent, but not before I caught it and got a screenshot of that bad boy. With Ohio State being continually monitored for continued COVID issues and rumors about the national championship game between OSU and Alabama being moved from next Monday, Nick Saban's daughter Kristen had some things to say about the Buckeyes.

There has been talk all day today that COVID cases and contact tracing at Ohio State could potentially cause the Buckeyes' matchup with Alabama to be moved to ensure both teams are playing at full-strength with a chance at a national title on the line.

But don't tell that to Kristen Saban Setas, because she ain't buying it. That post was only up for a few minutes, but I'd imagine its removal came following a phone call from Nick Saban that I would absolutely kill to have heard. We're talking about a guy who gets pissed at reporters at halftime when headphones don't work; imagine what he had to say about this. I can't imagine after the beatdown Clemson just took at the hands of an Ohio State team it handed some good bulletin board material that he was too pleased.

Saying a football team is using COVID as a cover-up to secretly get its quarterback healthy is already enough of a take to get you canceled in 2020, but adding the extra layer of giving a team which has proven it runs on disrespect — be it real or imagined — as fuel is just a bad tactical decision. It may not matter how good Saban's game plan is when his family is hyping up the Buckeyes. I would all but guarantee a printout of that tweet is already up in OSU's facility.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens with the COVID situation in Columbus, but if the national title is, in fact, decided next Monday night and it's the Buckeyes under the confetti, there may be some hostility in the Saban household.